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Due to the extraordinary and uncontrollable circumstances that can come with incarceration, such as having little-to-no-money or no outside support, I have made this Guidebook as readily accessible as possible, regardless if a person incarcerated is in general population, the SHU, Ad Seg, or Administrative Detention.

Below are different ways a person in prison, prison officials, or families of those incarcerated can obtain portions of the Guidebook, or the entire Guidebook, for free or for purchase.

Available Online:

You can view and download a PDF of the entire Guidebook on this page. It can be downloaded and printed for free by anyone with Internet access. This allows a prison law library, any prison employee or a loved one on the outside to print out a copy for free.


Prison Law Library:

The Guidebook is being offered free of charge to all federal prison law libraries. To have the Guidebook mailed to a prison law library, the officer in charge of the library at the prison will need to send an email directly to me at with the subject title: “Request For Free Clemency Guidebook for [name of prison and security level, e.g. ‘USP Beaumont’].” They will need to include the appropriate address it must be sent to in order for the prison’s law library to receive it. The Guidebook must be shipped to prison staff/officials and not a person incarcerated at the prison in order to receive a free copy for that prison.

Purchased and Shipped Directly To You From Amazon:

Prisons do allow direct shipping from Amazon so anyone can purchase this Guidebook and have it mailed to a person in prison.

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